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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bangkok shutdown 2014

We are back from Bangkok! Despite the political unrest and bad situation happening in Bangkok currently, we still went ahead with our decision and travelled there for our holiday. 

Upon reaching, we were surprised by the very cooling weather there, temperature was about 22 degrees. 

We took the train from the airport, took us about 30 mins and switched to the BTS cuz our final destination was Asoke station. The BTS was really crowded and we had difficulties boarding the train with our luggages. 
At the airport, first time seeing it so empty. 

Purchased tokens for the mrt ride. 

MRT train, city line. 

At Asoke station, we could hear the protesters before we even saw them. Voices from the rally filled the place, as well as whistles. 

When we exited the station, we wrrr greeted with this: 
Massive crowd. There was a stage in front. The rally ends about 12 midnight every night and it turns into a concert at certain intervals, singers will be singing and dancing on stage. 

Tents along the road. 

Lots of vendors selling souvenirs. 

Things were generally quite peaceful but we were advised not to wander around the streets especially at night. Wanted to make a trip to the night market near Victoria memorial but decided against it as the protesters would be gathered there. 

The next day in the early afternoon, Asoke was quite empty with some street vendors. 

However when we reached Siam station at about 3pm, protesters started marching in.
The normal crowd before protesters marched in.

Stalls were giving out free food and drinks. 

So generally, it's better to go out shopping in the morning and early afternoons, we travelled mostly via BTS which was very convenient and fast, crowd is same as normal days and not overwhelming. 

By evening, the protesters will start gathering. Malls like terminal 21, central world, emporium etc close earlier at 8pm. (The timing varies so pls check with the hotels or other sites for accuracy)

Platinum mall and chatuchak market are quieter than usual and shopping became such a breeze! 

We didn't go clubbing at night at all for this trip. But some of my other friends went during this period and all was fine. But of course, have to take precaution and be safe. We chose not to go because of the road closure. We didn't want to be walking around the streets at night dangerously. 

Posted some videos of the rally in Bangkok in my Instagram. Check them out if you are keen. 


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