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Thursday, March 31, 2005

i'm totally in love with AnF's past seasons' RARA skirts!!
just started an AnF spree today to get those stuffs.
and the response was quite good, a pity i had to close it early due to funds transfering limits in my newly applied for PayPal account.

i'm really sad that AnF has ripped the sales section off their site.
dunno wat's up with them, so scared people will resell their stuffs,
then in the first place don't lower their prices.
so unfair!!

anyway, i got these:
Melissa Silk Mini in Peach
Image hosted by

Clara Lace tank (from elven's pte spree)
Image hosted by

and i'm in the process of getting this in my hands:
Image hosted by
i decided to let go of my beloved Delaney Houndstooth Mini as it really looks huge on me.
i'm also parting with the sweet Pin tuck cami i got from ON.

however, one man's meat is another's venom.
so my trash will probably be someone's treasure.

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