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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Empire cut Babydoll tops for sale!
Flat Measurements:
Length: 82cm
Bust: 31cm
Armhole: 20cm
Available in 5 lovely colours, one piece each only.
Brand new, imported.

Belt not included.

$22.90 shipped.

If keen, pls email to

I'm helping my friend sell these, as she's a dummy when it comes to stuff like shopping online. Aren't these so pretty? Empire cuts are well known to have a flattering cut. This is a versatile piece which can be worn as a dress or a top paired with jeans.

Pardon me, it's my first attempt at photoshop on these pictures and it's not very well done
There are many many more lovely clothes to sell, some of them are really nice and i'm so tempted to keep them!
If sales is reasonably good, i'll go ahead and set up another website just for the sale of my friend's clothes.
Gosh, my room really looks like a warehouse now.

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