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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Doggie Food Tasting Session for Oven Baked Tradition

A couple of weeks ago, Water, my pet dog, if you haven't already read about him, attended a FOOD  TASTING EVENT! He's such a lucky chap, I didn't get to eat anything except for finger food during that event and he gets all the good and sumptious food to eat. :p

This event is held at Paw Pet-Radise, a cafe created by pet lovers for dogs, in conjunction with Eagle Territorial Agency, a global company distrubuting nutritious pet food and accessories and Clubpets, Singapore's longest running pet magazine.

The entrance of Paw Pet-radise looks like this, simple and cosy but vibrant in colours.

 Comfy armchairs and tables were neatly placed at the side of the cafe and pets had ample space to roam around in the middle of the place.

Water is mingling with the other friendly furbies! I am still amazed that dogs communicate by sniffing one another. I wonder how much understanding they can get from this gesture!

Right in front of the cafe is the food for our Water's tasting event that day! They look SO APPETIZING and I could have salivated if I stood there another minute longer.

 A closer look at the food. Above are Pumpkin Curry which is made of Oven Baked Tradition Adult Lamb and mainly vegetables. The other dish beside it is Egg Casserole consisting of Oven Baked Tradition Adult Fish, dory fish, egg, capsicum, carrots and pets milk. This looks very much like a slice of yummy mouth-watering pizza!

 That's not all. Burgers and Fries made up of Oven Baked Tradition Grain Free Chicken was next. Just look at it, it really resembles our fast food hamburgers! Fillet and Summer Veg were next to it and as the name implies, it consists of Oven Baked Tradition Fish. 

Last but not least they even had desserts for our pets!!! Breakfast Parfait which contains Oven Baked Tradition SENIOR (for older dogs), salmon, yoghurt and some other ingredients. They mentioned that our pets may not get used to this as it's sourish in flavour.

We were officially introduced to Oven Baked Tradition by the professional people of ETA. Let me share with you more of what I was taught that day.

Oven-Baked Tradition dog food was formulated after the intensive study of how dogs live and digest food, keeping their nutritional well-being  in mind so as to provide them a diet as close as possible to a NATURAL DIET because they strongly believe that NATURAL is the way it should be. 

The oven baked process has several benefits. It takes ten times longer to slow bake food compared to the fast method of extrusion manufacturing. Slow baking allows nutrients to be easily digested while protecting the integrity by enhancing the aroma and taste. It also allows more fresh meat in their recipes resulting in a delicious and easy to consume diet. The extrusion cooking procedure is a process that uses high temperatures and high pressure. This affects the vitamins that are sensitive to high temperatures.

Oven baked tradition has formulas that contain none of the following ingredients: bovine products, animal by-products, artificial flavors or coloring agents, ethoxyquin ( EQ), BHA / BHT, corn, wheat, soy proteins or trans fats. Oven-Baked TraditionTM is very dense compared to other pet foods on the market. This will result in feeding less and offering you a better value . Omega 3 & 6 are present in all  Oven-Baked TraditionTM formulas. All the grains are ground in production facility minutes before baking. This allows total control over the product made and to guarantee the freshness and the quality of the nutrients.

I took an Egg Casserole for Water to try and to my surprise, he gobbled it all up in less than a minute!!!

He was so excited that everything spilled on the floor but I guess it must be very DELICIOUS!!!

After that, he kept sipping water, he really lives up to his name, he drinks LOTS of water! I also placed some dessert beside him in case he is still hungry, he took a few mouthfuls of it and stopped after a while, I guess the egg casserole has filled him up!

With my fellow blogger friend who's cute dog which I believe love the food very much as well.

Other cute and excited furbies!

Water feeling so full and happy!

Thank you Paw Pet-radise, ETA and Clubpets for this awesome event! Learnt some very useful information that day, very fruitful indeed.

I was definitely interested in allowing Water to try out this new Oven Baked Tradition Dog Food after learning about all its benefits and advantages to animals. 

I chose the Oven Baked Tradition Fish because Water used to have very sensitive and bad skin which has improved tremendously now. The vet last time told us that he should not eat chicken and fish is the most compatible food for his diet.

I have started feeding Water 2 days ago because he just finished his old food. He is now in the process of getting used to his new diet and I will update again in a few weeks time to update you guys on how he's getting on with the new feedings!

Eagle Territorial Agency


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