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Monday, October 20, 2014

[Food Review] Sankai Japanese Restaurant

Sankai Japanese Restaurant is centrally located directly opposite Bugis Junction along Liang Seah Street.

Here, you can find decent Japanese food at very cheap prices during dinner time where they have their SUPER HOT DEAL promotion with discount up to 70% OFF!! (All prices stated in this post below are the discounted prices during dinner as of October 2014, unless otherwise stated)

Their dining area is divided into 2 sections. Upon entering, you will see the sushi bar counter in front of you and this leads to another room with more dining seats available inside.

A small private dining area is located right inside the restaurant. Good for a cozy gathering with friends and family.

Ordered my favourite Salmon Belly ($1.80/pc), Salmon ($1.20/pc), Salmon Roe ($4.50) and Swordfish ($2/pc) sashimi. They were all fresh and the juicy salmon roe playfully bursts in the mouth!

The Grilled Scallop with Spicy Cod Roe ($7.80). Succulent scallop baked with creamy, gooey cheese served piping hot, this was my absolute favourite dish of the night and it is definitely value for money.

Mixed Skewers ($14.80) is good for sharing. Most of the meat was nicely marinated, other than this, it's pretty normal and nothing much to rave about.

Their beef hotpot set is valued below $20 and it brings a warm and fuzzy feeling to the stomach due to the hot, flavourful broth. Comes with an egg for dipping, a bowl of rice, soup and watermelon. We found the soup a tad too sweet for our liking, after consulting the lady boss on this, we found out that the sweetness of the soup is actually catered to their regular Japanese customers here who actually preferred it sweeter. So, here, you can actually get authentic Japanese hotpot meals!

Another of the best sellers here is the Salmon Crabmeat Aburi Roll ($9.80). This was pretty well executed and nicely seared.

They have a wide variety of traditional Japanese fare like tempura, chawanmushi, handrolls and sushi to choose from. Besides food, they also serve alcoholic drinks and they have beer promotion too!

And to end it all, we were served a scoop of sesame ice-cream with a spoonful of red bean paste at the side. and OMG, this was SUPER FANTASTIC!!!! I almost asked if they have a tub of this where i could buy and keep it at home. As i'm typing this, i'm thinking of how yummy this is, perhaps I should come back here again some time this week for this ice-cream! MUST-TRY!!!

Thank you to the very efficient lady boss, Candy for hosting the meal. Service was fast and prompt. If you're looking for Japanese food at a very reasonable value in a centralized location, don't forget Sankai Japanese Restaurant!

  1. Address: 1 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189022
    Phone:6336 0384


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