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Monday, October 13, 2014

[Recipe] 3Ps Chinese Soup

3Ps Chinese Soup
Tried this new combi which I have never tried before today. 3Ps stand for 'Papaya', 'Peanuts' and 'Pork Ribs'. These are basically the key ingredients in this soup. Used a 1.5L slow cooker for this.

Got this idea from an instagramer and very glad that it turned out very well. Full of sweetness from the papaya combined with the earthiness of the peanuts. Soup was brought to further heights with the addition of oysters and dried scallops.

Recipe for 3Ps Chinese Soup

Used Cornell 1.5L slow cooker for this, serves 2-3.

INGREDIENTS: 200g pork ribs
                         ~ 70g peanuts
       half of medium green papaya
Handful of dried scallops
4 dried oysters

METHOD: - Scald and blanch pork ribs
- Soak peanuts, dried oysters, scallops for about 30 mins
- Slice green papaya into pieces, remove seeds and white parts
- Transfer everything into slow cooker and slow cook for at least 4 hours on high. (The longer, the more tasty the soup)


Alliha Jonson said...

Probably one week ago my friend was asking about 3Ps Chinese Soup that I have ever tried? But I said no I have never ever heard about it. When I just saw the name of your blog then I remembered the soup name and I said yes I found it! Actually my friend was very impressed about it taste. He tasted its somewhere during his martha's vineyard tours from nycand he asked me can I cook it for him? I am very happy today because I can make it in my own kitchen now.

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