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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kuishinbo was truly fantastic just now.
i ate until i couldn't move.
everything seems nice and i had to try them all!

my stomach had no space but i still keep stuffing food in my mouth.
i ended up with a stomachache.
and a few more grams of fats in my body.

anyway, here are the pics:

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Sashimi and Paper Steamboat.
i have endless praise for both.
Sashimi is fresh and sweet :)
just what i like.
it comes in Salmon, Tuna, Octopus and Tai.

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The Spanner Crab (left)
The Snow Crab (right)
Snow Crab is only available during dinner buffet.
it's very meaty and nice.
The Spanner crab pales in comparison.
i think it's just me, but i didn't really like the taste of it.

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gigantic legs it has!

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battling with the crab

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i love the shishamo.
bing loves the chawanmushi which is very very smooth.
the teppanyaki veggie is nice too, like normal stir fried veggies.

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cheese lobster!
this is a special order and only the first 26 customers in the queue gets it.
you can skip it cuz it ain't fantastic.

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Sharks Fin soup,
which looks and tastes like corn soup.
i'm disappointed with this.

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my cotton candy!
"cotton candies are for kids!"-- i heard a big burly guy say near me.
yes, i'm a kid, one that never grows.

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just look at this!!
among all the buffets i've been to, i love Kuishinbo's tantalizing spread of desserts best!
i like everything!

from the green tea cheese cake, mango-blueberry cheese cake, fruit salad, chocolate mousse, cream puffs, chocolate eclairs, chocolates, jellies, soft serve ice cream (it's really very soft, i love its texture but the chocolate ice cream tasted weird) etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, i just love love love love love Kuishinbo's range of desserts!!!

and their apple vinegar drink!

Dong Dong Dong, 123, we love Kuishinbo!
i'll be back!

my shopping loot:

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i'm a happy happy happy girl today :)
(i wish, hope and pray everyday will be like today)
but i know not everyday is Sunday.

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before i go, i recently just coloured/highlight/cut/treatment my hair for only $125 nett!
cheap ya?


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