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Friday, April 13, 2007

Shopping loot from Japan!!

I'm back from Japan.

how sad to be back :(
as usual, i'm alwayz having holiday blues no matter what time of the year and it's the worst when i just got back.

on a lighter note, i really miss my mum and her boiled soup alot. (i have boiled soup almost everyday of my life for dinner whenever i'm home)
i miss the smell of my bolster too!

i'm doing up a Japan 12 days Travaganza starting from tomorrow.
I wanted to start today but it's getting late and i'm still quite tired from the flight.

Have been walking and walking like i'm charged with Energizer everlasting batteries for the past 12 days, waking up between 7am-10am every morning and sleeping at 1am every night.
I'm so happy doing this cuz i'm doing it for shopping and sight seeing!

Ok, i have lots to update about this wonderful trip and this terrific place.

Let me get started with the stuff that i've brought back from Japan!!!
i will state the prices of some of the stuff i bought cuz i still have the price tags and bills for some of them, for my own reference and for your info.

To convert back to Sing dollars, simply divide the yen by 77 to get an approximate amount.

(from L-R) Kiss Lash Tiara Coat, Lavshua e/s palette, Gransenbon Blush 08, Kiss Dual Fairy Blush in Berry Milk, Kiss Fairy Bright Powder in Rose Pink, Lavshuca Liquid Foundation, Kiss Rouge Pure Glace.

Tiffa Shiny Pink eyeliner, Opera My Lash mascara, Kiss Me Active Girl Max Volume Mascara, Reason Limit Liner, Sony CP Sillicon l/g in Milky Pink.

all the cosmetics above are from drugstores like Ainz Tulpe (Harajuku), Matsumoto Kiyoshi (scattered in many areas in Tokyo and Osaka), and Ranking RanQueen (Shibuya and Shinjuku station).
They all cost between 1050-1500 yen.

, Eyelash glue and falsies from 100 yen stores.
Mini eyelash curler from RanRanking Queen (472 yen).

Revue Superior Stay Fix UV, Revue Finish Powder, Revue Superior Stay Foundation.
Whole set from Matsumoto Kiyoshi, approx. 8000yen.

The above Revue set comes with all these free gifts, making it so worthwhile!
Free gift includes a set of make up brushes, table mirror, Disney face towel, necklace, skin care sample set. (promotion at Shinsaibashi, Osaka branch)

Shisedo Rosarium Body Milk Moisturizer 1500yen, Kanebo SALA Body Milk Moisturizer 700+yen, Whitist, Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil ~1000yen, some fragrant soap samples.

Angel Heart perfume ~2000yen (it has a very refreshing, sweet and lasting scent, i simply love this), Princess Ray airy wax 1050yen. (i chopped off my long hair in Tokyo and i have really short hair now, this wax will help in giving me flyaway ends.

Those from Paris Kids (Takeshita Street, Harajuku) costs 315yen each.
The other heart clips and hair fasteners without the Paris Kids tags cost around 100-300yen.

Towel, Disney pouches from 100yen store.

Table mat+coaster set, wooden shelf, schedule board, shower curtains- all 315 yen from 315 shop at Namba station underground shopping street, Osaka.

Toilet seat cover from Daiso, 100yen. (with tax is 105yen)

Chopsticks from 315yen store, cute little egg plant from Ranking RanQueen ~400yen, Mickey Mouse stamp 100yen, rhinestone lighter case, key covers.

Lucky charms, health charms, wind chime and gifts for family from various shrines and temples in Kyoto and Tokyo.

Oracles from Sansujugendo Temple, Kyoto.

The oracle i picked says "Most Fortunate" and it's the best of all!
Don't worry if you get a bad oracle, just tie it together with the other bad oracles on the post and let the wind blow it away.

a very sweet rhinestone mirror from a shop along Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

Snacks from Disneysea and convenience stores.
I love the Calbee potato sticks to bits!!!!
especially the butter flavoured one, it tastes exactly like baked potato with butter.

Snacks from Kyoto, Nara and Asakusa, Tokyo.

Pasta sauce from 100yen store.

Green Leather bag from Omotesando ~8000yen, white handbag from Ikebukuro Sunshine Plaza 1900yen, white patent clutch from Shibuya Center Town 1995yen.
i have another bag which i forgot to include in this picture.

Grey and black leggings from Tutuanna and another socks shop along Takeshita Dori, Harajuku ~1500yen.

Grey top from Harajuku 1900yen, Pink Trench Coat from Kyoto shopping street 3900yen.

Clothes are mostly from Harajuku.
If you have the time and the luck, you might also find some very lovely stuff at Ikebukuro.
The 2 camis that are still wrapped up are from Uniqlo, they're having a sale and it only costs 500yen for one.
i love the strking bandeau bra, i think it's very Ganguro.

i didn't buy too many clothes this time round cuz they were quite unsuitable, most of the clothes in the shops were mostly coats and long sleeved which are too hot for Singapore's climate.
and they were mostly too big for me!!
(and i thought Jap girls were petite in size like me, but i was so wrong, they're mostly quite tall and well built!)

Accessories and toys from Capsule station. (they're so cute!)
We found this Capsule station just before the entrance to Universal Studios, Osaka.
and each turn costs 200yen.

Bing surprised me with this pair of lovely hp straps from Disneysea while waiting for me as i was thrown down viciously from the Tower of Terror.

Mobile phones, ain't they pretty?
They're ultra slim and so cool!
it's a pity, they cannot be used in Singapore at all, there isn't any slot for sim cards to be inserted. *sobz*

a pretty luggage from Kyoto shopping street ~2500yen.

Umbrella from Shinjuku.
It was raining cats and dogs and the temperature dropped drastically, this umbrella saved my day!

Now, here comes my STAR BUY!

SONY CYBERSHOT T20 in Rose Pink!
i love this camera to bits and T20, which looks very similar to T10 was launched in Japan just last week and i bought it 2 days before it was launched!
i'm really pleased with it, pictures are so sharp and it can capture night scenes very well.
It costs me 39,000 yen, with a FREE 1GB memory stick!!
now, you can call this a great deal!
i'm not sure but i don't think this model is launched in Singapore yet.
The tripod stand was bought separately for 2100yen.

Some receipts that i happened to find in my luggage.

That's all for now, i'm dead beat.
Good nite peeps!

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