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Sunday, February 06, 2005

My January-February 2005 Indulgences~

VS Screen Printed tee in open road

Glitter Princess Tee

Fuji Apple Clutch

The Madrid english garden black birk-flo from Papillio

HCo My Wave Tee

FCUK lollita pink sweater

Gap clutch in Silk Powder (my most wanted*)

Lace Cami in Riviera Blue

Houndstooth Delaney in blue

Rhinestone Hobo in snow

Nokia 7610 in white/grey


My late dinner last nite at Sketches:

Chicken Wings and Mushroom soup

the wings were tasty and fried almost to perfection, topped with the perfect sweet and spicy chilli sauce they had... YumZ!
however, the soup tasted like the ones often cooked at home whenever i was feeling hungry and there was nothing to eat, campbell soup.

Veal shank with linguine

yuks, the veal was so chunky and hard to swallow, imo, it was overcooked! the linguine with what i thought was olive oil and some garlic were rather nice.

i ordered the carbonara which had no taste.
after last nite, i found no reason why i should ever patronize Sketches again.

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